Safety and Security

Security Film

Exterior, Stirling

Keep out intruders with clear security or solar security films. SunTek® Security films use advanced adhesives to hold glass together to prevent entry by thieves and are virtually impenetrable.

We recommend and use 7mil or 8mil clear security film for most installations. 6mil is used for solar security film.


Safety Film

SunTek® safety films meet Australian safety standards. We use only the 4mil thick film or above. Child care centres are required to have this film installed on all non approved glass below one metre high. Comes in clear or a range of solar film.

All of the above films come with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty when installed to house windows. Commercial warranty is 10 years.

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Anti-Graffiti film

Protect your shop front windows etc. from vandalism with our anti-graffiti film. Instead of replacing the glass after being scratched just replace the anti-graffiti film.
Can be applied to any flat, smooth surface and it is a clear film.